Tom MacLean's Snapshots!
In these pages, you will find a collection of photographs I took from 1990 onwards, at Ashbury College and at Carleton University (engineering).  I will try to add text around these pictures so that you might be able to find pictures of yourself by searching on the web.  I  don't really know if search engines will pick up that kind of info - but I'll just have to try...

Ashbury College

Ozan Isanak and Enid Stiles Ozan Isinak and Enid Stiles 

This picture was taken in the Spring of 1990, probably after exams...

From left to right: ??, ??, Michael Quamina, Francis Foulkes,  and K. Hagiya.

This picture was taken in the Spring of 1990, again, probably after exams.

Michael Quamina, Francis Foulkes, K. Hagiya: Ashbury College
Alan Kwan - Ashbury College
Alan Kwan, Spring 1990.  This is almost as rebelious as he got...
Eric Dinelle, Spring 1990.
Ashbury College: Eric Dinelle

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