Kaigan no chi

(land of enlightenment - loose spiritual translation)
(Money Pit - closer approximation)

Time to get writing about the money pit, er, place of spiritual zen-ness I mean.

These will get updated from time to time.

The montage of pictures taken in 2006 are here.  Not much has changed although the piggery is straight and the Barn is stable.

The sketches for the "workshop" are below.  These are based on the footprint of what we think was the original toolshed.  The south face is what you would see coming up the drive with the barn to your right.  


Around back facing north towards the piggery is the dirty side.  Old tractors and trucks will enter here, possibly never to return.


So far the back door is a sliding affair with a 9' opening.  The cupola is functional over the highbay garage with some kind of significant fan in it for summer time cooling.

The design is a loft style and slightly less than 2/3's of the 2nd story has a floor.

Planned for construction is of bolted timbers though we shall see what actually happens.  

More later.  Updated 2008-07-21 IGJ.

Below is a isometric view of the beginning of the frame.  Floor and roof spans are a challenge with the available material.  For scale the columns and beams are 7X7" the roof rafters are 6"X4" the foundation is shown as 12X12".