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Pink Laoh Bridge Bangkok
Bridge From Ferry
Gill Tagg Water Hyacinth Bangkok

We read that the hyacinth is just choking the river.  This was the pier closest to the Shanti which made the hop on the boat so convenient.  The most we paid was about 10 cents!
Water Hyacinth Bangkok
Fish Feed At Ferry Launch

Vendors sell bread at the Pier and when it is thrown in it is an amazing writhing/spashing/flapping spectacle.  It was horrifying to think these big guys were lurking under the lilypads!
Tagg New Year Gift Exchange Shanti Bangkok

We participated int he Gift Exchange (we bought food items and a wind chime and wrapped them in the Canada bandanas).  The Shanti had an awesome open-air bar/restaurant that we only left once (disappointedly) for dinner elsewhere.
Mel Gift Exchange Shanti
Gill Gift Exchange Shanti
Tagg With Shanti Girls

The young women live on the top flour.  They have been taught some English and although we interpreted their 'terseness' as less-than-hospitable, we realized it was only due to their language comfort zone.  Tagg is wearing his 'gift' which threw them all into laughter convulsions.
Shanti New Year's

We came home hoping to find an avenue of fundraising for Anne's little brother who was brought to the Shanti from their village.  He needs a 20,000$ coclear (?) implant and the donations are only half way there.  He is smart, energetic and has a support network that can help him if he gets the operation.
Tagg Shanti NewYear

Gill and Ian retired early and nixed Tagg's idea of 'clubbing' with the girls....maybe next year if we go back.
Were Not Sure Shanti NewYear
Mimi Tagg Shanti NewYear

Mom...she is only 15 and wasn't allowed to go clubbing either!
Tagg New Year Shanti
Mel Last Nite "In Love" Restaruant

Lousy service (Thai's don't do hissy fits, and are a 'save-face' kind of social attitude), but great live music.
Ian Sickie On Plane

'"It's in my  chest"...need we say more!