Panel Performance the First Science


I just ran the first little experiment:
(well second but the first was to put the unglazed panel in the sun to see if it got hot :-).

I only have one reasonable thermometer, glass 0-100C lab style spirit thermometer.  I set up the "panel" roughly facing the sun on my balcony and turned on the fan after a few minutes.  By just resting the thermometer near the inlets and outlets (out of the sun) I got this series of readings:

#    Inlet    Outlet
1    21    24
2    21    25.5
3    21    26.5

This was over the course of about 20 minutes.  I assume some kind of equilibrium was happening and perhaps the temperature rise would increase a little more.  This is all transcribed directly from, er, memory.

I suppose with the assumed flow (25 CFM) from the Fan at least now I can bracket the power.  Anyway already that's a pretty pleasing result (delta T) for such a hack panel.  I was thinking I'd need to pull back on the fan power.

Other observations were that the outside back of the panel got quite hot.  So a good deal of heat is likely to be lost with this un-insulated back acting as the absorber. (well the thin wood is something of an insulator)

I have some geometry things to noodle on.

Pictures coming.