Unpaid political announcements.

Time for some change

It's time I updated some of these pages to reflect my views on environment and freedom.

Technology Notes:

Parliant is an interesting company to me.  The bosshole is an old and dear friend and the peons that are enslaved by him are also.  You can look at Parliant's telephony products here.  Parliant is combining embedded technology with Big Fat Computer technology to produce helpful products.  I think a lot of creative stuff will be coming from this team.

I love OpenSource stuff.  I have since before it was called that back when there seemed to only be the Free Software Foundation.  It's interesting to watch history be re-written as Linux seems to be taking over the world as the Poster Child for Free-er software.

Apple remains my favorite proprietary vendor, mainly because when NeXT Computer took over Apple their products improved dramatically :-).  You can buy NeXTStep V6 here, thanks to them.  The other NeXT lover's place is the effort around GNUStep.  You might also want to check out Darwin Apple's base OS now an Open Source effort.

I still like the NeXT GUI better than any other I have used for day to day computing, somehow I think our GUI designers these days totally missed the boat.  The GUI is not how it looks but how it behaves (feels?).  The magic with NeXT was that after you learned one application well, you learned all the others... quite remarkable, oh well.  I hear that Packard made great cars and Indian's were better than Harley's.....