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Welcome to the Guns Section.   "Guns" is my little stake in the ground for freedom and especially freedom of the individual.  International civil ownership of weapons/firearms is one of the most significant freedom issues to face humanity (IMHO).  I believe that the right to defend yourself is more important than freedom of speach, since without the former the latter cannot be ensured.

I may also voice concerns over freedom of speech and the free press and concerns about minorities of all colors shapes, sizes and beliefs.

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In the mid 90's I got involved because the guy I bought my beer supplies from was a hand gun nut.  He quietly communicated his unhappiness and I started to learn about the issue.  Eventually I found Skeeter.  I hosted the NFA web pages for a while (2 years?) but someone else did the development.

I stayed fairly active up through the passage of C68 (Firearms act) wrote some letters etc.  Then I kind of got disgusted and left the country (there were other motivations) though I stayed on the CFD list and tried to keep up to date then finally disconnected... defeated.  Maybe a couple of years ago I got re-subscribed to CFD and recently GunNutz.

Most of my personal interests are towards black powder, not that I have any at the moment, just that's where my interest is.  In addition I have not had or felt the need for any firearm in my home for 25 years.  I've never felt physically threatened to that point though I have been threatened, not surprisingly (or physically), by petty government bureaucrats.

I do now own two handguns, a .38 revolver that is about 100 years old (really) and my grandfathers .32 ACP.  I'm mildly interested in getting another revolver but more interested in reloading.  I'm thinking at the moment of a .357/.38 and an accompanying lever action shooting the same cartridge.  From that platform I hope in my dotage I'll be able to cast bullets and generally putter about with loads and bullet shapes sizes and weights.

More interesting for me is the muzzle loading & black powder variety of guns.  The Breach loading Sharps I just discovered in the paper cartridge and 45-xx black powder cartridge variety looks pretty darn nifty.  My beer supply buddy showed me a cap and ball muzzle loading revolver and that's high on the list also.

On top of those interests I am an international kind of person.  If the government gets to oppressive here I'll probably just move somewhere else.  I'm well enough off that I can do that, though not without some sentiment.  I get the idea that the U.S. is a safer place than Canada the 2nd amendment thing doesn't end the struggle of course but it's a significant  achievement.

I mention all this because I'm not in this fight for myself.  I'm in it for others who will lose and can't leave.  My dad fought for freedom and I think it would be darn cowardly for me to just turn my back on my fellow Canadians after his sacrifices.  

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